Top Flashlight Brands in the United Kingdom

Flashlights are an important possession for anyone. But what are the top flashlight brands in the UK? Take a look!

Flashlights are common handheld devices for everyone. They serve the same purpose in the hands of its different customers; illuminate and dark places which you may come across. The best torchlight brands can be used in a variety of scenarios whether you’re trying to navigate around the house after a power outage, have some fun at the campsite or walk your dog down the street on a dark winter evening. 

Yes, headlamps may have become increasingly popular but flashlights are still selling in droves. A lot of people still look to take advantage of LED technology and make sure that they are not left alone in the dark. Without any surprises, LED flashlights are very good considering their portability, overall brightness, and longevity. This is what makes it a perfect companion for people all around the world. 

What are the factors which you should consider before buying?

Purpose: Before you decide on the flashlight to buy, ask yourself; what would you be needing it for? You can get a flashlight that can be used for search and rescue operations or hunting. These type of models will require a feature l which allows you to see for far distances. Such a flashlight would need a luminosity of over 1000 lumens. If you need your flash flight for outdoor activities such as sailing, hiking, fishing or camping, then a device with about 300 – 1000 lumens is the best for you. Ordinary household use shouldn’t require anything more than 100 – 300 lumens of light from your single AA flashlight. So, the flashlight of your choice would depend on what you want to make use of it for. 

Price: Well, the amount of money which you’ll be spending is also a good feature for you to take consider. Basic knowledge lets us know that any flashlight which doesn’t cost up to $50 probably doesn’t have the required construction to produce any of the most impressive features which you may like. A cheap flashlight may do some work but if you want some real quality, expect to spend about $100. 

Outdoor use: If you’ll be taking out your flashlight for some time outdoors, it may be worth considering how water-resistant and impact-resistant it is. Outdoor conditions are harsh and you wouldn’t want a light that gives way halfway through the journey. 

What are the top flashlight brands in the UK?


Olight is considered to be one of the most reputable names in the flashlight industry. Their S30R is the best option for outdoor use for a variety of conditions. The flashlight is compact, portable and easy to hold. The flashlight is also a rechargeable one and comes with an in-built USB desktop charging dock. 

When making use of the Olight S30R III, you’re exposed to a maximum lumen rating of 1,050. This is bright enough to illuminate footpaths at night and shining a light on specific areas around the house. The range of the beam extends to 188 meters. When charges, the Torch will run for about two minutes in a full Turbo mode before reducing to a 500-lumen High mode. 

The flashlight is equipped with 5 different modes namely; Turbo (1,050 lumens; 2 minutes runtime), High (500 lumens; 3.5 hours runtime), Mid (120 lumens; 15 hours runtime), Low (12 lumens; 130 hours runtime) and Moonlight (0.5 lumens; 100 days runtime).


This is another flashlight on the list which is renowned for its quality. In simple terms, it is a 7,000-lumen beast that will help you instantly transform dark situations into bright ones. It’s perfect for those scenarios where only the brightest light around would be suitable. Its high lumen output will make the darkness disappear in just the flick of a switch. 

The Aflash Rechargeable Torch has a range of 800 meters and this will allow it to illuminate virtually anything around it. Considering that it’s splashproof it can also be used during the rain or wet conditions. The exterior of this torch is also made from an aluminum alloy making it impact resistant against shocks and falls. 

You don’t have to always make use of the highest lighting mode and there are 4 lighting modes for you to utilize. It’s also possible to keep the torch powered with its USB rechargeable power bank, which is also powerful enough to power your phone in case of an emergency. 


If you ever needed a torchlight for some special tactical reason, this would be a great pick for you. The Shadowhack tactical flashlight is designed to be capable of withstanding several harsh conditions. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and works in temperatures as low as -20℃. This means that it can be used all year round and still provide the same results. 

As an extra feature, the tactical torch has a strive lighting mode that can be used to draw attention to yourself and save you in dire emergency or survival scenarios. Its bright light will make it easy for any search and rescue parties to identify your position. It can also be used to scare off wild animals who are getting in on your position. To live up to its reputation as a tactical flashlight, it possesses a five-tooth attack head which is strong enough to be used for breaking glass in emergencies. 

When being operated at its highest mode, the torch releases a beam of about 1,300 lumens and will instantly illuminate any darkness. This ensures you can always see your surroundings in harsh weather; including rain or fog. It can also be adjusted to achieve a close or long-range light. The Spotlight mode allows you to throw a beam of light about 350 meters ahead of you. 

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